Free Audit

Free Contract Management Audit 

A contract management audit reviews how well you handle contracts in your business from start to finish. It helps you see where you can improve each step of the process. The audit examines the resources, steps, and people involved in making and keeping contracts in your company. This includes creating and negotiating contracts and making sure they are followed. The plain and simple reason for you to participate in a free contract management audit is that improving your contract management increases your profits! 

The benefits of a contract management audit

Not managing contracts well can make you lose a lot of money. Auditing is essential to make sure your contracting process is working well. It helps you see how things are going and what you can do better. For example:

Virtual Lyfe Inc. - Sign up for a FREE contract management audit. Improving your contract management increases your profits.


  • Are you keeping contracts that are no longer useful?
  • Are your contract templates up-to-date for recurring agreements?
  • Have you missed any deadlines or not received payments lately?
  • Are you following all the contract rules this quarter?
  • Can the right people quickly find the contracts needed?
  • Are there any other contract issues?