Let’s get you out of the day-to-day execution. It’s costing you dollars and weakens your impact. Unlock your business potential with Virtual Lyfe!Virtual Lyfe, Inc. provides operational and administrative support. Contact us at info@virtual-lyfe.com to elevate your business.

With Virtual Lyfe, Inc. you will walk into meetings relaxed, with peers and colleagues asking you, your secret to keeping it all together.  Increase your organization and productivity. I am here to act as a small but mighty part of your business, helping you buy back time while increasing stability and efficiency. You can streamline your processes, reduce wasted effort, and maintain quality. Regain the time-freedom and confidence you started your business or non-profit with. The Virtual Lyfe, Inc. partnership will help you maximize your success and live in your strengths.

Services offered include:

  • Operations Management
  • Executive Administrative Assistance
  • Web Design & Hosting
  • Social Media Management & Graphics

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Jennipher is strongly committed to health equity and works diligently to keep DEI projects on track. She does a great job coordinating project partners and helping everyone to stay motivated and upbeat.

Principal at Amy Bush Stevens Consulting, LLC (Click to visit) 

As a partner of Virtual Lyfe, I confidently refer to the services. When in business word of mouth is your best advertisement, and I happily advertise Jennipher and the work provided! Jennipher’s organization provides like services to my own.  If eNcourage Consulting, LLC lacks capacity, Jennipher, and Virtual Lyfe are who we recommend.

Nadia Brown, Owner eNcourage Consulting, LLC (Click to visit) 

Jennipher’s work has had a profound impact. She is both a self-starter capable of working independently and as a committed team member who offers meaningful insights, observations, and problem-solving skills resulting in positive outcomes for the organization. Jennipher’s efforts have supported significant advancements in the ability to reach and serve marginalized populations. She provided insights for innovative strategies informed by those impacted but also addressed the unique needs of these communities. I wholeheartedly believe Jennipher will succeed in any role or position that allows her to leverage her many skills and passions.

Tracey Stute, Owner Swan Consulting Services (Click to visit)